Music between musical genres and styles
The characteristic sound of composer Helmut Hödl.

On this webpage you can purchase the compositions of Helmut Hödl and the music of the Vienna Clarinet Connection.
[Contrary to the previous webpage,] the musical scores can be delivered as a download or sent by mail. Payment is via PayPal.
All compositions are listed with excerpts of the full score and, when possible, with audio file examples.
Please don´t hesitate to contact me, if there are questions about my webpage or about my sheet music.

I am a musician, composer and teacher, but not necessarily perfect! If you should find errors in the scores, please send
me your remarks and I will send you the corrections as soon as possible.
I will also try to help if you have special requirements for alternate scores (alto clarinet, 3rd clarinet).
Also on the webpage, you can find information about my new projects, new compositions, performance dates, videos, etc...

I hope you will enjoy listening to my music.
Listen, see and order!

Information concerning the Vienna Clarinet Connection quartet can be found at www.viennaclarinetconnection.org.

Composition Commissions

If you find my style of composition pleasing, and would like to discuss commissioning a specific work, please contact me personally.
Information and contact via e-mail at helmut@hoedl-music.com.